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Our world-class trainers have spent years perfecting and learning their craft and you can fast-track your results by following their proven methodologies.

The science and thinking behind our BODY IGNITION PACK is proven and here’s why…

Don’t let your DNA fool you

It’s a common myth that your DNA holds you back from effectively building muscle or losing fat. And it’s simply not true.

The word genetics comes from a Greek word meaning “origin,” and it refers to the molecular structure and function of our genes. And to build muscle and grow our bones is driven by protein which is instructed by our molecules defined by our DNA or genes.

Our programming is different but our genes are the same. For instance, the cells that form blue eyes were programmed to be a certain shade of blue, whereas others were programmed to be a different shade, or a different color altogether. This tweak in programming applies to every part of our bodies.

Genes determine things like how much fat you tend to hold on your body, where you tend to store it, determining your strongest muscle group and the rate of muscle growth.

BUT…they don’t alter the basic physiological processes by which your body builds muscle or loses fat so you can get into amazing shape if you follow our Trainers who over many years have helped thousands, lose weight and gain muscle.

So don’t be fooled into thinking your body is genetically destined to be weak or fat.

Regardless of what your genetic programming, you can build the body of your dreams in a matter weeks, and maintain it for the rest of your life.

High-intensity physical exercise will boost your health and help you live longer:

It is a proven fact that active people live longer than inactive people and physical inactivity is the major risk factor for lifestyle diseases around the globe.

To put this into perspective, lifestyle diseases (heart disease for example) kIlls 5 million globally each year – that is on par with the amount of deaths from smoking!

The sad part is a large proportion of these deaths could be avoided with regular physical activity.

The World Health Organisation states that 30 minutes a day of moderate physical activity will help you live a longer and healthier life. Worldwide only 22% of women and 18% of men do 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day.

How can we improve this given our busy lives so we get the best results in the least amount of time and increase our chance of living longer, healthier and happier?



Interval Training delivers results faster. If you consider exercise intensity as a continuum from in-activity through to very intense and active exercise, we see that the muscle cells start contracting faster compared to moderate intensive exercises. This leads to cell dimensions growing longer which leads to a higher cardio output meaning the amount of blood the heart is increasing and the aerobic capacity increases.

The end result is improved fitness and therefore a healthier body.

Science predicts you’ll love High Intensity Work-outs

The verdict is in: high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts are more efficient than cardio or strength training for weight loss.

What’s HIIT?

High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) requires mixing intense bursts of exercise with short periods of rest or light work (like walking or jogging — sometimes dubbed active recovery). During your intervals, your heart rate should reach 80 percent of your maximum.

But how intense is intense? One way to gauge the intensity of a workout is to think about whether or not you could chat with a friend. During HIIT, you should be working out hard enough that you have difficulty speaking.

Be warned: this is what makes HIIT workouts such a challenge. While the intensity creates an effective workout in a shorter period of time, it can feel tough when you're in the moment.

That doesn’t mean it’s not worth it, though. According to a study from the University of British Columbia, participants who compared HIIT regimens to traditional cardio reported enjoying HIIT, even if they found the exercises themselves difficult.

The other good news? You’ll only have to log a few HIIT workouts per week to maximise their fat-burning potential.

One study conducted by a team at The University of Western Ontario discovered that participants who conducted treadmill sprints several times per week lost more fat than participants who performed regular steady-state cardio workouts.

How you train is determined on your desired outcomes.

Do you want to look sharp and feel great for an up and coming wedding or maybe an imminent beach holiday? Do you want to feel better in your clothes, increase your confidence by feeling stronger, getting bigger, adding more tone?

Or maybe it's all of the above.

What outcomes you desire determines what training programs you pick and all our programs are built around science that is designed to deliver the fastest results.

Science benefits

Fast-track your results by following our proven methodologies

Your body is NOT genetically destined to be weak or fat

Build the body of your dreams and maintain it for the rest of your life

Proven fact active people live longer than inactive people

HIIT gets the best results in the least amount of time

HIIT workouts are more efficient for weight loss

The Body Ignition Pack delivers real results

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Simply awesome! Real trainers who won most prestigious world fitness competitions teach and mentor me at home, during business trips or even while on holiday. So much variety, so much fun while burning fat and building muscle. My mood boosts after each session for the rest of the day. It changed my looks and it changed my life. The hardest part was to start then it was a piece of cake. I also change my diet because when I started this program I felt so much in control.

These trainings are amazing. Short but intensive and every day is different so I never get bored. I feel like having world-class personal trainers with me at home. One thing I love about it is that each session starts with a short presentation then I train alongside a trainer of my choice then we train together and whenever I’m pushing my limits there is a motivational tip not to give up. I never thought I would be able to exercise on a regular basis before I tried Universal Fitness Academy.

I have 2 kids, husband, a dog and a full time job and absolutely no free time to hit the gym. I started slowly with a beginner training which took only 8 minutes per day then read some scientific papers that these 8 minutes of high-interval training equal to a regular 45 minute gym session. I am at hard level just after 8 weeks and feel like being 20 in my 40s. I lost 10 kilograms, gained self-confidence and look forward to wearing by old bikini on a beach again.