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The Science behind the BODY IGNITION PACK

High-intensity physical exercise will boost your health and help you live longer:

It is a proven fact that active people live longer than inactive people and physical inactivity is the major risk factor for lifestyle diseases around the globe.

To put this into perspective, lifestyle diseases (heart disease for example) kIlls 5 million globally each year – that is on par with the amount of deaths from smoking!

The sad part is a large proportion of these deaths could be avoided with regular physical activity.

The World Health Organisation states that 30 minutes a day of moderate physical activity will help you live a longer and healthier life. Worldwide only 22% of women and 18% of men do 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day.

How can we improve this given our busy lives so we get the best results in the least amount of time and increase our chance of living longer, healthier and happier?

The answer is HIGH-INTENSITY EXERCISE! What is the best form of HIGH-INTENSITY EXERCISE?


Interval Training delivers results faster. If you consider exercise intensity as a continuum from in-activity through to very intense and active exercise, we see that the muscle cells start contracting faster compared to moderate intensive exercises. This leads to cell dimensions growing longer which leads to a higher cardio output meaning the amount of blood the heart is increasing and the aerobic capacity increases.

The end result is improved fitness and therefore a healthier body.

Learn from the best

  • Hear from our Chief Sports Officer - Guido Goertzen - 3 x Olympic Champion
  • Hear from one of our trainers Hanna - World Champion in Bikini Fitness (IFBB Canada)
  • Hear from one of our trainers Klaudia. Finalist of fitness championships and mother of three

Meet your World-class Trainers

Hanna Garbos

Miss World Bikini Fitness (IFBB Canada)

1ST – Polish Championships 2015

1ST – Polish Cup 2015

2ND – Amateur Mr. Olympia 2015

HANNA’s training style: Hanna is a world champion in bikini fitness competitions. Her training plans can sculpt individual parts of the body like no other. Hanna attaches great importance to correct proportion; in her workouts you will find a potion for a beautiful and firm body.

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Rafal Wieczorowsk

Coach of the Year Shape Magazine (2016)

3rd Karate World Championships

Multiple-time Polish Kumite Champion

RAFAL'S training style: As a karate world champion, Rafal has developed his own unique training plans used by women and men around the globe. Rafal attaches great importance to exercise technique: he does it slowly and accurately, but do not be fooled; this exact technique, which can be seen in the films, is characterized by the involvement of each muscle separately. This training is a direct path to improved body flexibility and strength.

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Klaudia Szczesna

Finalist of Fitness Championship

Mom of three

KLAUDIA's training style: Fast intensive HIIT workouts. Those type of workouts work incredibly on metabolism (they burn fat long after the training), however, they are demanding workouts. Sessions are fast, very dynamic. To be able to follow Klaudia you need to be prepared for really intense workout style.

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The Body Ignition Pack delivers real results

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

I have 2 kids, husband, a dog and a full time job and absolutely no free time to hit the gym. I started slowly with a beginner training which took only 8 minutes per day then read some scientific papers that these 8 minutes of high-interval training equal to a regular 45 minute gym session. I am at hard level just after 8 weeks and feel like being 20 in my 40s. I lost 10 kilograms, gained self-confidence and look forward to wearing my old bikini on a beach again.

These trainings are amazing. Short but intensive and every day is different so I never get bored. I feel like having world-class personal trainers with me at home. One thing I love about it is that each session starts with a short presentation then I train alongside a trainer of my choice then we train together and whenever I’m pushing my limits there is a motivational tip not to give up. I never thought I would be able to exercise on a regular basis before I tried Universal Fitness Academy.

Simply awesome! Real trainers who won most prestigious world fitness competitions teach and mentor me at home, during business trips or even while on holiday. So much variety, so much fun while burning fat and building muscle. My mood boosts after each session for the rest of the day. It changed my looks and it changed my life. The hardest part was to start then it was a piece of cake. I also change my diet because when I started this program I felt so much in control.

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Wherever you are you have access to World’s best athletes for you to choose who you want to train with and at what level

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